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Dr. Farid Shawki

Dr.Farid Shawki graduated from Cairo University of Dentistry with highest grades in 1992. Today he is among the most accomplished and skilled practitioners in Egypt. Following his dental school education, he continued to improve his knowledge in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Implantology, and orthodontics by completing various courses, seminars in Egypt, France, and Germany. He established his practice more than 20 years ago providing the profession’s leading dental care procedures using state-of-the-art technology, supplies, and equipment Dr. Farid Shawki is a member of : International Association for Orthodontics.

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Because we believe that Only By Proper Cleaning, A Successful Sterilization Can Be Obtained.

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We have the most advanced tool sterilization equipment Autoclaves Class B, and unit steilization equipment after every use.


For Impression of Crown & Bridge without nausea.