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Dac universal

Because we believe that Only By Proper Cleaning, A Successful Sterilization Can Be Obtained.

Autoclave Class B

We have the most advanced tool sterilization equipment Autoclaves Class B, and unit steilization equipment after every use.


For Impression of Crown & Bridge without nausea.


For painless Root Canal Treatment in one visit.


For Dental Implants

VITA Easyshade Advance

The most advanced digital shade determination and enamel analysis tool for ensuring the natural appearance of tooth reproductions and the best results.


Dental Laser Therapy

Now, Make your dental visit easier and more efficient

In Egypt, there is few clinics using dental lasers which is totally

different from the light activated fillings called wrongly “Laser fillings”

As a part of this highly selective and sophisticated community,

Dental Bright Clinic stands alone in Rehab as the first and The only clinic offering patients dental Laser therapy which include

1- Black Gum Removal:

We use laser to peel your pigmented gum areas and destroy Black pigment cells in your gum. You will be surprised by The beautiful pinkish normal color of your gum only 3 days.

2- Orthodontics:

We use a laser technology called low level Laser Therapy “LLLT” to stimulate your teeth to move faster during orthodontic Treatment with less pain than normal orthodontics.

3- Bleaching “Teeth Whitening”

With Laser, we can wrap up a bleaching procedures Within 20-25 minutes by maximum Whitening , more homogenous teeth color and less post operative Hyper sensitivity improves your feeling of your new smile.

4- Desensitization:

Most of us suffer from hypersensitivity Dental laser can remove this in seconds and with no pain.

5- Oral Ulcers Treatment:

Did you miss your favorite food once because of a ridiculous Ulcer? These ulcers can be cured with laser in few minutes.
علاج اللثة

6- Dental Pockets Treatment:

WE use laser instead of traditional techniques To treat deep dental pockets causing mouth bad breath.

7- Soft Tissue Minor Surgeries:

Most of minor oral surgeries can be done using laser with no blood, No post operative pain and no post operative medications.

8- Same Day Impressions:

Technically, this procedure enables your dentist to finish your Prosthetics in less time and more comfortable.

9- TMJ Pain Relief:

The Technology of Low-level laser therapy “LLLT” enables the dentist To relief your jaw movement pain by bio stimulating the joint area.

10- Endodontics:

The most complicated endodontic cases specially those having pus
Accumulation underneath, can be managed by using laser. This
Means you can have your badly decayed or abscess involved
tooth treated in single visit with success 99.99%.

11- Modify the shape of the gums: