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Dental Implants, In our dental office we use one of the top implant system available in the market, we believe in using the best and latest dental technique as well as materials available because our patient deserve the best dental care possible. We strive to make your appointment as simple and painless as possible. A complete dental implant treatment plan will be discussed. The dental implant treatment involves an explanation of the dental implant placement procedure, if there is enough bone or is bone grafting needed and the type of teeth that will be placed on the dental implants after healing.

Single Tooth Dental Implant

A single tooth implant is an ideal long term solution when you have your adjacent teeth because the implant crown is not connected to any other teeth. The dental implant is placed between two natural teeth and is allowed to osseointegrate for 3-6 months depending on the dental implant site. Sometimes a bone grafting procedure is needed to help place the implant in the optimal position.

The advantages over other tooth replacements are:

  • No need to grind down adjacent teeth.
  • You don’t have to remove it.
  • You floss and clean it like your natural teeth.
  • It looks and feel like your natural teeth.
  • It is a quick and relatively painless procedure.

Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

When more than one tooth is missing, there are three common treatment options: 1) The traditional tooth supported dental bridge 2) An uncomfortable removable partial denture or 3) A dental implant supported bridge. In this situation the benefits of dental implant supported teeth are even more obvious. A removable prosthesis, such as a partial denture, actually accelerates the bone melting process, resulting in more rapid bone deterioration. In addition, the clasps which hold the partial denture in place put extreme pressure on the natural teeth they hook onto, loosening them and in many cases, eventually leading to the loss of those teeth. Most patients with partial dentures state that they are uncomfortable and that they rarely wear them.

The advantages of replacing multiple missing teeth with dental implant supported bridges include the following:

  • They look feel and function like natural teeth.
  • They are much more comfortable and stable than partial dentures.
  • Natural biting and chewing ability is restored.
  • They virtually stop the bone resorption process (deterioration).
  • Facial esthetics are maintained with a youthful appearance.
  • Adjacent natural teeth are not compromised (ground down to stumps or loosened).

Missing All the Teeth Full Mouth Dental Implants

In the past, people missing all of their teeth had no option but dentures. A Denture has numerous disadvantages, such as:

  • Dentures are uncomfortable and often painful
  • Dentures do not look natural, especially when eating
  • As the bone continues to melt away, the dentures become loose, and can fall out when laughing, sneezing, or coughing without the use of adhesives
  • People without their teeth and supporting bone visibly age much faster
  • Wearing dentures usually undermines a person’s self confidence (they have missing body parts and do not feel complete or natural)
  • People with dentures cannot eat certain foods, such as steak, corn on the cob and apples
  • People with dentures generally have bad breath

These problems can be solved with dental implant supported replacement teeth, which are stable (securely fastened to the implants) and maintain the integrity of the facial structures by preserving the bone. Some of the many advantages of dental implant supported teeth include the following:

  • They are more comfortable and stable than traditional dentures
  • They virtually stop the bone resorption process (deterioration)
  • Integrity of the facial structures is maintained
  • Appearance is improved
  • It is not necessary to cover the roof of the mouth, so food can be tasted
  • Relines and repairs are infrequent compared to traditional dentures.
  • Natural biting and chewing capacity is restored with several options that exist to replace the teeth that missing such as overdentures.

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